If you’re considering one of these machines and would like to go on a water trial*, we can organise that for you however you will be required to watch our initial video first so you are fully aware of what the Enagic┬áKangen Machines are and how they can substantially assist in your health and lifestyle.

The water trials are there to assist you in your decision making process of whether buying a machine is the right choice for you. It is NOT just to get FREE water for 14 days. We want to make sure you’re going to be extremely happy with your purchase, just like we were when we got ours. In fact, we were so happy that we didn’t even last the full trial period because after a week we decided that we wanted one of the Enagic Machines and jumped on board straight away. If you come to the same conclusion, then you too can order your machine before the 14 day trial is finished and you can then be on your way to creating your own antioxidant rich water and enjoying the journey to better health quicker.

*The water trial is for 14 days or maximum 50 litres of water. There is a $10 deposit on the bottle that is fully refunded upon return of all bottles at the end of the trial period.