There are a number of payment options depending on your circumstances, so find the right one for you.
Your unit is a certified medical device and built to last over 20 years. You can buy outright or choose one of the following payment plans over 1 – 2 years to pay off your unit.

This is the Once Credit 12 months Interest Free Option

– 12 months interest free

Online Application

If you are applying as a Joint Applicant, please ensure that your partner is also available to complete the application with you in one sitting as the online application process cannot save or store incomplete applications.

Please ensure that you have at hand your Drivers License, Medicare Card Number and/or Passport for ID verification.

Phone Application:

1300 03 6623 (tell them it is for an Enagic Australia application and it is 12 months interest free, you will need the ID number of your sponsor or you can use Steve Fish’s ID#1907536)

Once submitted, your online application will then be forwarded to Once Credit for processing, and you will be notified of the outcome shortly. Please ensure you then review the documents emailed to you and
e-sign them (online signature). You may have another set of documents to sign once Enagic have charged your card and shipped your unit, please keep an eye out for any further documents which require further signatures.

Please liaise with the person who introduced you if you have any queries or questions as sometimes the forms can be a little tricky to complete.

For all the forms that require completion please go to our Order Forms Page here


Here is our E-payment plan options:

e-payment plan option
– various plans to suit your needs

Which unit is best for you?

This is a price comparison based on features of the entire Enagic Line Up.

Nearly every machine on the market today compares to $1628 machine called the ‘LeveLuk R’ unit and NOT the SD-501.

If you choose to buy your machine outright with credit card or EFT transfer then please complete the forms on our order forms page by clicking here