We like to offer you choice and ultimately let you decide what is right for your budget and your needs. Choose carefully. Some of our products combined make a great combination to provide you with the best solutions for bathing and drinking water possible.

We personally use an Enagic machine (Kangen water) and love what the Extreme Wellness Water Filters can do also. Together these make a great combination for the best possible outcome of supplying your whole home with clean water first (Extreme Wellness) and then ionising the water before it gets to you (Kangen) all with amazing benefits.

certified medical devices

Enagic’s water ionizing machines are all certified medical devices which have been around for the last 43 years.

It will give you peace of mind knowing that the health of your family along with your health is being looked after. Your Enagic machine takes your tap water and turns it into the best tasting water available and the best water for your health because of the antioxidant benefits produced by your machine. You will feel better and more hydrated and drinking this water is so much easier than normal tap water without the nasty harmful chemicals that are found within normal tap water.

You can also eliminate skin creams & skin toners, eliminate cleaning chemicals, remove chemicals off your fresh produce and much more…..all from your tap water! By choosing what type of water you require you can alleviate the need to use chemicals in your own cleaning and you can remove the chemicals from your everyday fruits and vegetables when you bring them home allowing them to last that bit longer.

Check out the links below for more information on each of these products

Enagic Machines

Extreme Wellness