Day 28 of 30 Hyper Hydration Water Challenge

Day 28 of 30 Hyper Hydration #waterchallenge

Another slow slow start and therefore another really late and last minute finish. 11:38pm and all done! Ooh so close Rachael Henderson¬†..LOL did you really think I would give it to you with only 2 more days to go. Love your support girlfriend…and yet I love me more. That Anaspa unit is mine

On Sunday when we went to visit my dad on the way home, we gave him a bottle of our Healthier Water. He proceeded to tell us that the lady who lives in the same complex that he does and who he is quite fond of, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer – my dear father goes through it again, as we lost my mum to lung cancer at the age of 47 some 25 years ago now.
She will start Chemo soon. Now whilst it would not be my option to go down that path, we respect her wishes and offered to give her some of the water that we had left over.

We gave another 4 bottles to my dad and I could feel his immediate hesitation in wanting to give it to her. I told him to stop making up other peoples mind and to give it to her with the brochures and tell her its with our love and blessings.

I think my dad is a little sceptical. To my surprise, I got an email today from him…. “More water please!”

So tonight we dropped over another 10 litres of the water for her. She had already drunk all four bottles.

This antioxidant water really does help with recovery when people are going through illness and sickness.

We will take more over on Friday – fresh every 2-3 days when they don’t have a machine of their own. Usually this is done for trial purposes with the view that people will want a machine of their own. We know in this case that may not happen so if it helps with her recovery (anything is possible even if the doctors say it’s not) then it will help make life a little better for her and she drinks a lot of water at the moment, so at least that’s a good thing.

Day 28 is almost over and only 2 days to go!

Yah – this has been such a massive and long challenge. <3

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