Day 26 of 30 Hyper Hydration Water Challenge

Day 26 of 30 Hyper Hydration #Waterchallenge

Was going to have a busy day working at home getting bookwork completed for clients however we found out that the Perth International Arts Festival was on and that the Water Museum was collecting samples and stories there. So off we went with water in hand to check it out. Once there we thought it would be a quick drop off…how wrong we were. Sometimes things happen for a reason and we soon found out.

We had the opportunity to sit in with a couple of other people as they share their stories and brought their water which will eventually end up in the water museum – as will ours. The lady before us held what looked like a really old little plastic bottle which, as it turned out, contained water from Lourdes in France. A holy place people go to experience the water. We’ve heard about that because of what we have been learning about water and it was fascinating listening to her story and why she wanted the museum to now have her bottle of water. To honour her mother. Her parents had gone there as they were having trouble conceiving apparently and had heard about the holy water there. Not long after returning she was conceived and born and within a 3 yr period so was her brother and sister.

We got to share out water experience too, our story and about this challenge and how we went to Tirta Empul Temple complex and holy mountain spring, located in the village of Manukaya in central Bali. It was magical for us to experience together.

A bottle of our Healthier Water, which we do not sell, only gift it away, will now go into the water museum and hopefully their next book. Our water resources are just so precious and we don’t realise just how blessed we are to have such pure clean water compared to most around the world.

All 3.5 litres of water consumed today. Fascinated that all around us now we’re surrounded with stories and opportunities regarding water. I’m doing my first live water demonstration at an event tomorrow night showing just how acidic a lot of bottled type waters really are and how they’re affecting our health. Nervous and excited.

Only 4 days left now!!

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