Day 25 of 30 Hyper Hydration Water Challenge

Day 25 of 30 Hyper Hydration #waterchallenge

Another interesting and full on day. Noticed I didn’t drink my lemon water immediately today and took me literally all day til 11:50pm to get through today’s water. Noooo I’m not dropping the ball so close to the finish line. I’m going through it. Sorry Rachael Henderson (my gorgeous Accountability Buddy), you’re not getting a machine out of me!! I finished it!

It’s funny how so many water things and things related to water are showing up for me lately. Tomorrow we’re off to a water museum, where we can take some of our water with us and share our story around the water and our water challenge. This popped up in my facebook feed last night so we’ve decided to check it out. Really cool. Will update you re this at end of day 26.

I put a post on my own FB page the other day about my anger at the water corporation here in Perth and never expected such support from everyone. Save the Bees Australia also shared my post and between us we engaged about 450 people who are all as angry or annoyed or upset it appears as I am about what they did in destroying my bees and their incredible hive.

Bring on day 26 with only 4 days to go!

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